Core Mindset to enter into the ProTalent Universe – “The 3 FUNDAMENTALS”

Our Motto



Embrace broad perspective ( no tunnel vision approach);

Dream Big to succeed




“Baby-steps” concept

Play it patiently




What really worries!

Broad Challenges


Freelancers, often renowned for their flexibility and autonomy, even though they encounter a set of challenges that require effective strategies to thrive in the gig economy. Some common challenges are as follows:

  • Client Acquisition – Finding and retaining clients can be daunting.
      1. Profile- Explaining Yourself / Your credentials
      2. Pitch/Proposal – Assessing the needs and Pitch accordingly
      3. Creating opportunities- New Opportunities from existing clients
  • Legal and Contractual Issues – Handling contracts and legal matters can be overwhelming
  • Market Competition- Facing Stiff competition
  • Right Pricing: What is the right price of the service you offer?
  • Client Management- Dealing with difficult clients can be stressful.
  • Payment Delays – Delays in client payments can disrupt cash flow
  • Skill Diversification – Diversifying skills to stay competitive is a continuous process
  • Self-Motivation- Self-discipline and motivation to stay productive, especially when working from home


Entrepreneurship is a dynamic and rewarding path, but it comes with its share of hurdles. Entrepreneurs face a wide range of challenges as they work to start, grow, and sustain their businesses. These challenges can vary based on the industry, location, and the specific nature of the venture, but some common challenges include:

  • Market Research- Right market for your product/service
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance- Navigating complex legal and regulatory requirements can be daunting
  • Financial Management- Managing cash flow and securing funding is essential mainly seed capital
  • Client Acquisition- Attracting and retaining clients is a continuous effort
  • Leadership and Decision-Making – An attitude of taking calculated risk
  • Team building- Developing the right team 
  • Market Competition- Competing in a crowded market and creating your space
  • Right Pricing- What is the right price of the service you offer?
  • Scaling Up – Business development decisions
  • Exit Strategy: Planning an exit strategy as applicable and depending on the nature of the product

Our Approach

We know that each candidate is unique and face different set of challenges, and we aim to address them to the best we can.
We will provide professional assistance/ guidance considering your existing skillset and challenges faced;
We have created 2 distinct categories. A unique roadmap with tailor-made strategies to get the ultimate success

Those who want to start as Freelancers;


For all the Maestros out there, we are here to provide you with the guidance, right approach, and strategy to start your career as a Freelancer

Creating an impressive Profile
Developing a Pitch/ Proposal
Determining the right price for your work
Client dealing including payment recovery tactics
Contract writings
Linking Up- how to become part of a Business Network
Time management
Basic Financial management ( Earn to Learn new skillset)
Those who are targeting to move ahead on their Journey to be Entrepreneurs


For all the Mavericks, get ready for all the guidance which is designed to empower you with the insights and strategies you need to thrive. From refining your business idea, creating a solid business plan, and ways to secure funding on the road to entrepreneurial success

Showcasing your product
Right Business Model
Pricing Strategies
Right Market
Marketing strategies
Baseline- Investor Finder