Who We Are

Yousuf Idris and Sohail Habib came together as YS Consultants, a new and ambitious venture with an aim not only to establish a successful IT venture but also to contribute to the thriving start-up eco system of Pakistan.

YS Consultants is a sister concern of YI Solutions, an entity that has earned a respected name in IT & Technology services locally as well as globally. Our dedication to every client has made us receive recognition as a reliable IT service business partner.

In addition to other endeavors, the duo seeks to create something sustainable that helps empower the youth providing an opportunity to all the self-employment mindset and eventually contribute to the development of our homeland.

“We believe in giving opportunities while seeking one ourselves!”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to inspire and empower youth, enabling them to unlock their full potential and become catalysts for positive change in our community and beyond.”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to identify, nurture, and empower talented individuals by providing them with the resources, mentorship, and opportunities they need to launch their journeys toward new heights of success.”

Thought process behind the Initiative

We were recently involved in few mandates with a revolutionary idea of promoting entrepreneurship locally and internationally. One of such initiative was FlipAnyBusiness.
FlipAnyBusiness, (A US-based Business Brokerage Platform and an online business matchmaking marketplace to Buy/Invest or Sell in a Businesses and ventures. It’s a doorway for entrepreneurs to pitch an idea and get start up partners.
The platform provides an end-to-end solutions to individuals and institutional investors and sellers to find the right business for them, providing them professional advisory services. So,let there be operational, financial and technological challenges, everything is being taken care of at a one-stop solution place.
Together with the attitude of taking continuous game-changing initiatives that could make a DIFFERENCE, we thought of doing something to uplift the local talent that is committed, hard-working and above all dreams BIG!
We want to provide a breakthrough to these individuals to show their potential. We want to provide them an avenue to Express, Grow and Shine!